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Phenom Elite AfterDark Football Gloves - VPS1

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Check out the VPS1 Afterdark Football Gloves by Phenom Elite - the ultimate combination of style and functionality. These gloves aren't just for show, they're built for those gritty, grindy, win-or-go-home moments that separate the champions from the chumps.

The Afterdark theme is more than just a design - it's a statement. Black, gray, and neon blue contrast in a way that makes these gloves impossible to ignore. And when you're out there on the field, you need that kind of edge to intimidate your opponents.

But these gloves aren't just about looks. They're crafted with precision using advanced materials that provide exceptional grip and control, even in the most intense of situations. And they're built to last.

Available in a range of sizes, these gloves provide a perfect fit for players of all skill levels. Whether you're a college athlete who's been grinding all season, or you're just getting started on your journey to greatness, the VPS1 Afterdark Football Gloves are the perfect accessory to take your game to the next level.

Product DNA

    • VaporStick 1.0 glove model
    • VaporStick grip technology pushes the grip to its legal stick limit.
    • VaporDri material is the top of the line in fit, breathability, performance, and strength.
    • Lightweight yet durable.
    • Meets NFHS/NCAA/SFIA standards.
    • Reinforced stitching at weak points
    • AfterDark Design

    • 45-Day Durability Guarantee
    • Unlimited Defective Guarantee